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WTF is Frenzy Press?!

So you stumbled upon, huh? And now you're wondering what in the world this site is about. Well I'll tell you what Frenzy Press is's about...well...hmmmm...hang on a sec...

I just tried asking management, but apparently they are all out at happy hour, which is sort of odd considering it's only 10:00 AM. So I guess I can write what I want. And in a way this is what Frenzy Press is about.

Frenzy Press is part informational, part entertainment...and very organic. It's an online variety magazine whose content is provided by you...the people...the users of the Internet. Instead of some company dictating what articles will be featured you can decide by writing your own articles for Frenzy Press. No you don't get paid, but if you've been meaning to write about the influences that music has on politics and Rolling Stone keeps shooting you down, then write it here and get heard (or at least read).

Just saw the latest flick, found that it sucked, and want to spare others from wasting their dinero? Add the movie to our database and write a review on it. You can add reviews for albums, songs, bands, concerts, movies...even record labels and television episodes. Found the latest album profile from your favorite band and noticed the release year is wrong? Go ahead and change it! The profiles are similar to wikis so anyone can edit the content to ensure it's all correct.

So that's basically Frenzy Press. An online magazine that is always growing, always reshaping based on the moods of our users. If the content sucks...well...don't blame guys wrote it!