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Should the Government Mind Its Own Business?

A shocking incident happened yesterday that put many "Tweeple" in a frozen state. They couldn't tweet with 140 characters. In fact they couldn't even tweet at all. Twitter temporarily brought down their microblogging site for scheduled maintenance.

It's not unknown to bring a site down for short periods of time in order to perform maintenance on it. It normally happens late at night when most people are warmly tucked in bed and completely oblivious that anything is happening. In the morning, they grab their trusty Web enabled cell phone from the night stand and update to the world via Twitter that they are getting out of bed — mission critical information for most people.

Joking aside, Twitter has been getting used for serious purposes lately. Many updates have been posted on Twitter from people in the middle of the Iranian protests. These short tweets bring a new perspective to the protests from people that are at the epicenter of it all. And many family members around the world are paying attention to these updates as they follow the protests and keep tabs on their loved ones.