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Is Van Halen Lawsuit Too Much?

Eddie Van Halen, guitarist for Van Halen, filed a lawsuit last Friday against the shoemaker Nike for copyright infringement.  ELVH, Van Halen's company, is alleging that Nike used the copyrighted "Frankenstein" design on their Dunk Low shoes.  The design, made famous on Eddie Van Halen's guitars, has been copyrighted since 2001.

ELVH is citing "irreparable harm and damage" and is seeking the impoundment and destruction of the shoes.  They are also seeking profits from the sale of the shoes as well as damages.

Wait a second..."irreparable harm and damage"?  Really?  I don't see any people (or even animals for that matter) that were harmed in the making of these shoes.  Some may argue that we should investigate the factories where the shoes were produced to really prove this, but that's an entirely different matter.  The point is that these are shoes with a design that looks oddly similar to the copyrighted "Frankenstein" design.  Period.  We're talking shoes (and possibly an ego) and nothing more.

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