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Less Molly, More Tossers

The TossersI have seen more Flogging Molly t-shirts the past couple of years than I can possibly count.  Not that there is anything wrong with Flogging Molly. They produce great Celtic music with a little punk attitude thrown in.  I've listened to them for a while now and still do not get tired of their songs. And who better to listen to when you're out drinking?  Well...um...how about the Tossers?

Who the hell are the Tossers you ask? I can't believe that question is even being asked, but fine.  The Tossers are a phenomenal band out of Chicago. Much like Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys, they put forth a Celtic sound with edge.  And they've been at it for quite some time.  At least four years longer than Flogging Molly.  Their first album, "The Pint of No Return", dates back to 1994.

They got their start on the South Side of Chicago, which as most of us know has quite a large population of Irish folks.  They certainly are no strangers to the world of Celtic music or the Irish culture.

Digital Summer Ups DIY Ante

The DIY, or "Do It Yourself", concept is a familiar idea to bands.  The concept, as the name implies, simply means the band does their own promotion.  This may include releasing music on their own record label, creating their own album covers, setting up shows with clubs, selling their merchandise, and just about anything else that gets the band name and their music out into the world.

The DIY concept goes back decades.  Blues and Jazz artists participated in DIY projects whenever they played street corners slowly gathering a fan base.  Country artists have done it when they played dive Honky Tonks.

Though a necessity for bands, DIY projects do not always come out with the greatest quality for various reasons.  Digital Summer, however, has changed all that when they released their video for "Rescue Me."

Rancid - "Let the Dominoes Fall" Webisode Series

Nearly six years have passed since the release of "Indestructible". But six years can be worth it when a band puts out a quality album like "Let the Dominoes Fall". I think it's fair to say that many Rancid fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new album for some time.

Rancid created a great build-up to the release by issuing several short webisodes that tracks the band and the making of the new album. If you haven't had a chance to view them, then take a few minutes to enjoy these short videos. The first one even features the legendary Joe Strummer. That in and of itself is well worth your time!

Webisode #1

Webisode #2

Webisode #3

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The Airborne Toxic Event - Acoustic Video Series

Bands come and go all the time.  One day you hear a great song from the next hottest band and before you can buy their album they've already disbanded with each member forming an entirely new band.  Though still a relatively new band, only having formed in 2006, the Airborne Toxic Event I believe will be around for some time. 

In 2008, they released their first full-length album.  They produced a series of acoustic videos, ten in all, for every track on the album.  These videos give you a taste of the talent that compromises the Airborne Toxic Event.  Stripping away the production and bringing the songs to their natural state you find yourself simply listening to great music.

Week One: Wishing Well

Week Two: Papillon